Dinosaurs Are People Too


What if the dinosaurs had never become extinct?


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Dinosaurs Are People Too is an original tapper game in which you can watch how the world advances with dinosaurs in it. See how history would have changed through the eras if that fateful meteor had never hit Earth.

To begin playing, tap the planet repetitively to awaken the first dinosaur. As you keep tapping, more dinosaurs will be created, new areas will be unlocked and resources will be collected. As each area of the map is unlocked and developed, more resources can be collected in shorter periods of time. These resources will be necessary for creating new dinosaurs and progressing through the eras. During the game, a UFO will occasionally pass by - by tapping on it, the spacecraft will crash, allowing you to collect even more resources and special collectables.

Dinosaurs Are People Too is a fun and simple game that allows you to journey through history and experience key advances that transformed the world, such as the discovery of fire, the wheel or writing.

Requires Android 4.1, 4.1.1 or higher

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